Tired of all those damn apps? China figured out

Personally speaking, I try to avoid social media like the plague for a number of reasons.

  • It’s a pain in the butt
  • People tend to outrage over dumb things (I’m convinced stoking flames is the only way to get visibility)
  • I feel like I accomplish absolutely nothing
  • It’s a pain in the butt

You see the common point there? Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt. As we have moved through the 21st century, we have adopted technology that allows us to connect and communicate to people throughout the world. However, every single company on this planet wants your business. This can get annoying, convoluted, and a pain to actually find what you want, when you need it. I feel as if there is a new app popping up every 5 minutes, that NEEDS (their words) my attention. Most apps require you to enter your personal information, banking information, address, etc. This is invasive in my opinion, but if you want to use specific services to make your life easier, you just have to give up at this point, and hope your information doesn’t show up on some random Russian hacker’s website. The thing that drives me nuts, is that I have to use 15,000 different apps, one for each facet of my life. This gets confusing, annoying, and I’ve run out of paper from writing down all my damn passwords.

Imagine an app, that gathers everything you need in one spot. Imagine opening one app, and never having to worry about opening another 25 just to get what you want. Well it exists! If you are in China that is. (There is another version called WeChat, but its not really catching on anywhere else)

Weixin (pronounced “way-shin”) is a very popular Chinese social networking app. It allows its users to send messages to each other, share news, pictures, hail cabs, buy real estate, purchase a dinosaur (joke) and most importantly link bank accounts to buy anything you need. The company is constantly adding new features to make sure its users use it as the one stop shop for everything they need in their lives. The app is easy to use, straightforward, and convenient. Users rarely need to leave the app to do anything else.

Remember how I said “It’s a pain in the butt?” This app eliminates that statement. This app has caught on fire because it makes everything so easy to do. Imagine that? The company is now worth well over $100 billion on the Hong Kong exchange. (2014 numbers)

This app has changed the way people use social media. Its made things easier, and simple. In the end that’s all people want. Not only that, but this has become apart of their routine and habits.  You can easily make behavior changes, through purchasing decisions or through social change. You have access to a plethora of data to help figure out what people are doing, and how they are doing it.

What is interesting is 70% of online adults have used social media. But within that stat is something way more interesting.

  • 28% only use one social media site
  • 93% use Instagram and Facebook
  • 53% of them use Twitter

This is some heavy overlap that most companies aren’t taking advantage of. People are creatures of habit, and tend to use more than one app to communicate with others. People might hop on Facebook to see a hot topic within their friends list, or just post a vague post about how happy they are. (Spoiler, they’re not) Then go to Instagram to view pictures of food, dogs and babies, and then follow up by checking out tweets about politics or video games and how angry people can be in 280 characters or less.  

All of that is a routine; probably every morning, at lunch, and before bed, or maybe at a restaurant while your boring first date is in the bathroom. No one is taking advantage of that other that Weixin. They have piled all these different functions together creating a super app, which in turn gathers ALL the information from your life. This makes you easier to track and easier to give you the tools needed to make your life easier.

Weixin has figured out how to understand its audience’s personalities and quirks. They understand cognitive factors such as motivations, attitudes and preferences. They also have tapped into the individual factors of demographics, and personality. More importantly they have figured out what its audience wants. That is something many companies, and social media sites should be jealous of.

One thought on “Tired of all those damn apps? China figured out

  1. Hello!
    I totally agree that having 5,000,000 apps for each single little thing can get annoying in today’s world. My biggest struggle is trying to remember all the logins for each of my apps. How nice would it be to have an app like Weixin where all the content you wanted/needed was in one space?! I also, unfortunately, am one of those people that check each social media app: when I wake up, at my lunch, during dinner, and right before I got to bed. Refreshing every so often hoping that maybe, just maybe i’d get some new exciting content coming through. I am however curious on where you are getting these facts from:

    “What is interesting is 70% of online adults have used social media. But within that stat is something way more interesting.

    28% only use one social media site
    93% use Instagram and Facebook
    53% of them use Twitter”

    How do you know that only 70% of adults are using social media? What age range is this targeting?

    According to Cohen “Pew found that 86 percent of those aged 18 through 29 are social media users, while that number slips to 80 percent for 30 through 49, 64 percent for 50 through 64 and 34 percent for those 65 and older.” I’m interested to see where you got your numbers and what age range you are targeting.

    Cohen, D., & Cohen, D. (2017, January 12). 86% of U.S. Adults Aged 18-29 Are Social Media Users (Report). Retrieved from https://www.adweek.com/digital/pew-research-center-fact-tank-january-2017/


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